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Corresponding with the government’s color-coded system, the Red Cross has tailored specific emergency readiness information for families, individuals, schools, neighborhoods and businesses relating at each of the five threat levels. These Red Cross Recommendations for the Homeland Security Advisory System are available for the public at www.redcross.org

Each level of the Red Cross recommendations includes completing the identified actions at the lesser threat levels. Being alert to suspicious activity and reporting it to authorities, along with taking a Red Cross CPR/AED and first aid course, are recommended throughout the system. Specific to today’s announcement, the following is a summary of recommended actions for “Orange” and lower levels:


  • Review your Personal Disaster Plan.

  • Ensure your Disaster Supplies Kit is stocked and ready.

  • Develop alternate routes to and from work or school and practice them.

  • Exercise caution when traveling.

  • Have shelter-in-place materials on hand and review the procedure in Terrorism: Preparing for the Unexpected, a Red Cross brochure.

  • If a need is announced, donate blood at blood collection center (1-800-GIVE LIFE).

  • Prior to volunteering, contact blood collection agency to determine their needs.


  • Review Family Disaster Plan with all family members.

  • Check items in your Disaster Supplies Kit and replace items that are outdated.

  • If not known to you, contact your child’s school to determine their emergency notification and evacuation plans.

  • Ensure the emergency communication plan is understood and practiced by all family members.

  • Discuss children’s fears concerning possible terrorist attacks.


  • Check on neighbors who are elderly or have special needs to ensure they are okay. Review their disaster plan with them.

  • If a need is announced, contact nearest blood collection agency and offer to organize a neighborhood blood drive.


  • Review the school’s emergency plan that was developed using the Red Cross Emergency Guide for Business and Industry.

  • Ensure all emergency supplies are stocked and ready.

  • Offer Masters of Disaster “Facing Fear: Helping Young People Deal with Terrorism and Tragic Events” lessons in grades K-12.

  • Prepare to handle inquiries from anxious parents and media.


  • Review the emergency plans, including continuity of operations and media materials on hand.

  • Ensure that the emergency communication plan is updated and includes the purchase of needed emergency equipment as detailed in the Red Cross Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry.

  • Determine any need to restrict access to the business or provide private security firm support/reinforcement.

  • Contact vendors/suppliers to confirm their emergency response plan procedures.

  • If need is announced, contact nearest blood collection agency about organizing a blood drive.

    To download the full versions of the Red Cross Recommendations for the Homeland Security Advisory System, visit http://www.redcross.org/services/disaster/beprepared/hsas.html , where you can also find a wide variety of free publications in a variety of languages to help citizens prepare for terrorism and natural disasters. To donate blood or host a blood drive at your business, please call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.

    Governed by volunteers and supported by community donations, the American Red Cross is a nationwide network of nearly 1,000 chapters and Blood Services regions dedicated to saving lives and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Led by 1.2 million volunteers and 30,000 employees, the Red Cross annually mobilizes relief to families affected by more than 67,000 disasters, trains almost 12 million people in lifesaving skills and exchanges more than a million emergency messages for U.S. military service personnel and their families. The Red Cross is the largest supplier of blood and blood products to more than 3,000 hospitals across the nation and also assists victims of international disasters and conflicts at locations worldwide.

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